D1 and RGBA Video Disk Recorder

                 ULTRA/RGB FRONT


  Dual channel, D1+Alpha (4:2:2:4) or RGBA (4:4:4:4) storage

Two independent SDI I/O channels or dual link (RP-175) Interface

  Composite or YC monitor output
  Independent RGB - YUV Realtime Colorspace Transcoder
  Independent selectable video formats for video input, video output and disk storage
  15/30/60 minutes uncompressed 32-Bit RGBA 4:4:4:4 video storage
  Slow motion playback with field interpolation
  2+2 analog/digital audio channels with 48 kHz sampling rate (Option AUD2)
  LTC processor with timecode video overlay on composite output (Option AUD2)
  Remote control via RS-422, Fast Ethernet, ATM or GigaBit Interface
  Optional videoWorkstation client available for UNIX and Windows NT


The ULTRA/RGB 10-Bit D1/RGBA Multimode/Multistandard AV Disk Recorder has been designed for computer animation, video postproduction and scientific applications. The VDR qualifies for high end video editing, composing and telecine applications, where uncompressed 4:4:4(:4) RGB(A) storage is a necessity. The unit may also be configured as a dual channel 4:2:2 disk recorder.

ULTRA/RGB is actually the symbiosis of two tightly coupled disk recorders, a 13-bit dual channel realtime colorspace transcoder and a digital video router. This combination provides a wealth of uncompressed user selectable video representations, including RGBA, 4:2:2:4 YUV/ALPHA and dual channel/dual stream D1 formats.


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