2/4-Channel DVCPRO/MPEG-2 Video Server


         MD-50 FRONT VIEW


  Supports 25/50 MBit MPEG-2, DV and DVCPRO-25/50 standards
  4 * 90 or 2 * 180 minutes storage capacity in 50-MBit mode
  DVCPRO-25/50 and 50-MBit MPEG-2 clips are stored in their native format
  DVCPRO-25/50 and MPEG-2 clips may be alternated during playback
  Four digital component 4:2:2 SDI video inputs and outputs
  NTSC/PAL monitor output for each channel pair
  8 AES/EBU audio channels with 48 kHz sampling rate
  Unit may be synchronized to LTC timecode
  Remote control via RS-422 or LAN interface
  High speed data transfers via 100 MBit LAN or other transport interface
  Provisions for GigaEthernet, Fibre Channel and/or SDTI adapter
  Optional videoWorkstation client available for UNIX and Windows NT


The ULTRA/MD-50 2/4-channel digital disk recorder is a new member of the ULTRA/BR familiy of digital video servers. With its simultaneous support for editable I-Frame only MPEG-2 and DVCPRO-25/50 compression formats, users can independently select for each 2- channel subsystem the compression standard which suits best their needs.

With 50-MBit compression ULTRA/MD-50 provides 180 minutes AV storage per channel in dual channel mode, or 90 minutes/channel in quad channel mode. Optionally 25-MBit DVCPRO or MPEG-2 formats may be selected to double the storage capacity.

ULTRA/MD-50 systems may be controlled via a traditional RS-422 interface like a digital VTR. Alternatively the system may be operated via its fast network interface (Ethernet, GigabitEthernet or Fibre Channel). In this mode, the two RS-422 ports are available to control a remote VTR, a digital crossbar or abother MD-50.

Unattended standalone operation with various power-on functions is also available. For each channel pair, ULTRA/MD-50 processes LTC Timecode, two video channels and four 48 kHz audio channels independently. In dual channel mode, DVCPRO and MPEG-2 clips with the same bitrate can be arbitrarily mixed during playout.

If required, active lines contained in the vertical blanking interval (like VITC) can be stored uncompressed on disk.

If the ULTRA/MD-50 system is used in a workstation environment, a virtual control panel, called videoWorkstation, may be exported to the host computers X11 display screen. This GUI manages all server setups, transport functions and image transfers interactively.


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