MPEG-2 / DVCPRO Codec and Disk Recorder





  Implementation of all DV(CPRO) and MPEG-2 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 video standards
  Two independent 50-MBit compression codecs
  Local LVD disk controller with 80 MBit/sec transfer rate
  Programmable video router connected to I/O channels
  Video interface with SDI input and two SDI and composite ( Y/C) video outputs
  Sampling rate converter allows asynchronous AES/EBU audio input
  Master and target support for SONY 9-Pin RS-422 protocol
  Drivers for Windows-NT and selected UNIX environments


ULTRA/MP2 is a compact multiformat MPEG-2 and DVCPRO disk recorder implemented on a single PCI board. The controller may be configured for various NLE, disk recorder and video server environments. The dual channel codec supports common broadcast compression standards, especially MPEG-2 PP@ML and DVCPRO-25/50. MPEG-2 transfer rates are programmable between 2 and 50 MBits/sec. Single pass VBR coding, a requirement for DVD applications, is also supported.

With provisions for dual channel and dual stream operation, dual stream playback, simultaneous encode/decode and precision video genlock, ULTRA/MP2 controllers may be customized for many different application. Additional flexibility is achieved by an integrated digital video router connected to the SDI and MOVIEBUS-II I/O channels. An onboard LVD disk controller (80 MByte/sec) is available for disk recorder and video server applications.

ULTRA/MP2 provides two uncompressed AES/EBU audio channels per video channel. Embedded audio is available as option. Third party audio compressors may also be used with the controller.

If required, up to four ULTRA/MP2 controllers may be installed in a PCI backplane, providing a maximum of 8 video and 16 audio channels.

Device drivers, API libraries, example programs and third party plugins are available for Windows NT and selected UNIX environments.


  Independent frame store with logo inserter for output feed
  Integrated frame synchronizer supports live video passtrough (EE operation)
  Embedded audio option adds two stereo channels for each video channel
  Optional interfaces to Moviebus-II, Firewire and SDTI standards available


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