Single Board Multiformat D1 Disk Recorder





  64-bit PCI interface with Intel-960 processor
  Two LVD disk channels with a combined bandwidth of more than 140 MB/s
  Internal Video Processor with 10-bit D1 and 32-bit RGBA extension capability
  Video interface with SDI input and two SDI and composite ( Y/C) video outputs
  Implements 525 and 625 line or custom (HD) TV standards
  Concurrent record/playback capability (D1 8-bit format only)
  LVD Disk Interface may be used with local disk drives or external RAID storage
  Firmware provides generic disk recorder functions without host intervention
  Master and target support for SONY 9-Pin RS-422 protocol
  Drivers for Windows-NT/Pentium work with most NLE and rendering applications


ULTRA/4 LVD is a compact, customizable multistandard digital disk recorder on a single PCI board. With provisions for uncompressed D1 and RGB(A) image formats, powerful expansion options and MOVIEBUS-2 interface, ULTRA/4 represents the next generation in digital video technology.
The most important feature a digital video card should provide - especially if designed for OEMs - is flexibility. The scalable architecture of the ULTRA/4 system is one of the keys to address today's demanding digital broadcast applications in areas like uncompressed non-linear editing, RGBA video composing and even telecine processing.

ULTRA/4 is compatible with most popular digital video editing, compositing and rendering software packages available for the Windows-NT® environment


  Additional SDI input/output for Key channel, RP-175, stereo or dual channel operation
  Support for uncompressed 4:2:2:4 D1 and 32-bit 4:4:4:4: RGBA and YCrCbA formats
  Clips in 4:4:4:4: and 4:2:2:4 YCrCb modes may be played back in arbitrary order
  Realtime colorspace transformation hardware provides conversion on the fly
  Field interpolator maintains full display resolution during slow motion playback
  Onboard Color Space / Color Sampling Rate Transcoder


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