2-Channel MPEG-2 Encoder and Video Server




  Compact enclosure requires only 1.5 RU rack space
  Dual channel MPEG-2 encoder and digital video server
  Supports 8-15 MBit IBP MPEG-2 compression
  Digital high quality transcoding from DV(CPRO) format
  30 (60) minutes storage capacity per channel, twice in single channel mode
  One (opt. two) record channel (SDI) and two playback channels (SDI and YC)
  Two uncompressed AES-ID or SPDIF stereo channels (48 kHz)
  Integrated sampling rate converter supports 32-48 kHz audio source
  Genlock to analog blackburst or digital SDI source
  Genlock input may be used to capture analog composite or Y/C video
  Remote control via RS-422, 100 MBit Ethernet or GPI
  Two RS-422 master outputs control two remote VCRs
  Import and export MPEG-2 files via FTP
  Integrated webserver allows remote configuration via LAN
  tinyControl client available for Windows 9x/NT hosts


tinyServer is a compact 2-channel MPEG-2 Codec, Disk Recorder and Video Server. The unit offers a wide range of features including support for digital component video, digital balanced or unbalanced audio and various remote control configurations. With its superb digital video and audio quality, tinyServer fits very well into any presentation or broadcast environment.

With 15-MBit 4:2:0 compression in IPB MPEG-2 format, tinyServer provides 30 (optionally 60) minutes AV storage per channel. tinyServer is SONY 9-pin (RS-422) protocol compatible and may be operated like a digital VTR. Alternatively the unit may be controlled or programmed via its 100 MBit LAN interface.

Unattended standalone operation with various power-on functions is also available. tinyServer may be genlocked to an external analog or digital video reference. Two tinyServers may be synchronized together to achieve 4 simultaneous SDI channels for HDTV or split screen applications.



  Two simultaneous AV record channels
IEEE 1394 (Firewire) Interface
  2-Channel Analog Audio I/O Board (18-bit A/D and D/A Conversion)
  MPEG-1 Layer 2 Audio Codec



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