Broadcast and Newsroom Automation Software




  Designed to support tinyServer+ advanced features
  Self-contained automation software package
  Manages local video server content, multiple VCRs and life feeds
  Allows video acquisition from and archive to tape
  Quick and easy playlist editing and video clip management
  Maintains custom traffic files
  Controls tinyServer+ special functions (e.g. switch on/off program identification)
  Available for Windows NT/98/95, Linux, SGI Irix


tinyMation is a powerful broadcast and newsroom automation software package, which has been especially designed for tinyServer+. tinyMation is optimized for smaller private, local and cable tv stations. The product is available for various platforms, including Windows NT, LINUX and SGI Irix.

tinyMation incorporates a fault-tolerant database system to maintain and manage video material residing on the video server. In addition, video material available on tape, can be managed as well. The tinyMation spot database stores all the spot information, which includes ID, creation date, owner, agency, etc. For tapes, information like reel ID, room, shelf, and bin is stored.

A video spot/clip management tool makes it easy to create or locate spots for playback, add or modify spot information. In addition, a catalogue of spots available on tapes can be maintained by the spot manager.

Video tape based material can either be transmitted directly from tape or may be automatically copied onto the video server before transmission is scheduled. In addition to playback of stored video material, tinyMation allows scheduled insertion of a live feed. This makes the system suitable for both limited hours and 24/7 operation.

The powerful playlist editor provides easy-to-use editing of the on-air transmission schedule, defining playback of spots from the video server or any attached video tape deck. It is also possible to add other events in the playlist, like GPI triggers (e.g. program identification on/off) or a break for manual starts.

The playlist editor supports many other features, like import of custom traffic files, creation of a list of required tapes with information about their location, etc.

The integrated on-air scheduler can automatically create log files with aired spot information. The system can maintain different log files for each agent to produce essential business information.


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